Friday, 1 January 2016

Where have the last 2 1/2 years gone? / New Year, New Start

As some people may be aware, I had another baby around 2 1/2 years ago and made the decision to close the physical shop.  I'd decided I wanted to close quite a while before, but ideally wished to sell the business so that my customers didn't lose their wool shop.  This proved not to be possible, so around 2 weeks before my daughter was born (slightly earlier than expected!) I closed the shop.

My intention was to keep the online shop going, expecting to only need 6 months or so to get back to it.  Being a mum of 4 I should have known better!  With one thing or another, I still haven't managed to do all the things I wanted to do to be running properly again, and after several difficulties in fulfilling orders due to errors on the site, I turned the site to dormant until I had ensured that all stock levels were correct and all my products were photographed and listed on the site.  While it is off, I also want to re-style and refresh it for a new start.  This all still hasn't been done yet, but I am hoping to be back up and running over the next couple of months.

I have several ideas for the blog.  I've wanted to write blog posts many times about my projects, especially spinning, but wanted to write about the business first.  I would like to write a post at least once a month, but if I can manage a weekly post I will!  

This year my main priorities are:

1.  Getting the site updated, re-styled and running as soon as possible.

2.  Blogging about my projects, knitting and spinning, at least monthly.

3.  Posting on Instagram daily @knittermum

4.  Spinning for at least 15 mins every day.

I have many other things I want to do this year but that gives me a start!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Busy couple of weeks!

Over the last couple of weeks we have expanded the shop into the next room! The settees for knitting groups and workshops are now next door which means we have more spaces. The shop is now the whole length of the room, more spread out and feels soooo much better!

I've started to get some of the new yarns in for the Autumn. Wendy have brought out a brushed aran blend with alpaca in called Osprey which is lovely and soft and knits into a gorgeous fabric. This yarn and the patterns will be on the site as soon as possible.

I have just received a delivery of Peaches & Creme and this will be the last of the old brand. However, when I went onto their website, they have had a new style website and it looks as though they have rebranded the P&C, merging the P&C with the Sugar n Cream. I am waiting for confirmation that I can continue to order with the same terms and I will confirm as soon as possible.

Current Projects


Long Jacket - ummmmmmm not yet done (mumbled)

Bamboo jumper - I've finished the back and made a start on the front. I've not made much progress on it over the last week or so as other things have jumped in the way!


Multnomah - This is finished and blocked and has been worn! I'm really pleased with the final item :o)

Husband's scarf - My hubby kept pinching my hand dyed, hand spun, hand knitted scarf last year, so I told him to pick some fibre out of my stash so I could do one for him. I finished spinning the fibre at the beginning of the year, navajo plied it and finished it, but didn't get round to knitting it until a couple of weekends ago - 8mm needles and chunky wool meant that it took me a couple of days! He is very happy with it, so hopefully I will get mine back!


I've just started the 2nd flying saucer sock, so that will be my mindless sock for knitting groups :o)

Anita's sock - a friend asked me to knit her another pair of socks a little while ago in Jawoll Magic Dégradé. I decided to put a pattern on it for her and spent quite a while trying to work out how to get the stitch pattern from a book to work in the round! I've got it sussed now and I'll put the pattern on here as a free pattern once I've got it all sorted and written up.


I realised at the last minute that the Tour de Fleece was starting, and although I've not joined a team, I decided to set myself a target of spinning every day with an additional target of finishing the fibre that I got in a secret santa swap and started when I'd finished the fibre for my husband's scarf. I've been spinning it quite fine, so it has taken ages! I plied it at the beginning of last week, but realised when I wound it into a skein that I had not added enough plying twist, so put it back through the wheel last Thursday. It has now been skeined and finished and is roughly 4ply. I've roughly measured it and I have approx 900 yrds - enough for a shawl! I just need to find a suitable pattern now :o)

Friday, 24 June 2011

I've taken time off!

I've not been in the shop this week! I've been feeling quite stressed recently about all the things I've needed to do at home and am not getting time to do, so I arranged with a couple of friends to give me some time off. I have had a great week, sorting out rubbish, weeding the garden and cleaning the house, and I feel loads better! :o) There is still loads left to do but that feeling of being overwelmed by it all has gone.

So.... I feel re-charged and ready to work tomorrow! We have crochet workshop tomorrow morning and hopefully will be sorting out some dates for the next few. I will also get back to putting patterns and other products on the site.

Current projects

Home: I've not done much knitting this week as I've been concentrating on getting things done, but I have given myself some time for me and of course my evenings as usual!

Bamboo jumper: I've just finished the armhole shaping on the back and just need to knit so

many inches before I can leave that on a thread and start the front. I'm getting this done much faster than I did last time!

Long jacket: Still haven't sewn this up!


Multnomah: I did another couple of pattern repeats last weekend but obviously no progress during the week! I'm not far off finishing it now - maybe by next week!

Sock: I've finished the 1st sock with the flying saucers, but haven't started the 2nd yet.

Spinning: I've done bits and bobs of spinning at home this week - it's just been good to sit and do some for ten minutes or so when I've had a gap. I'm looking forward to plying this!

Spindle: I brought my spindle home from the shop this week and have been doing some in breaks while cooking. It's also great to take to school with me to do while I wait for my kids! I've been working on this for quite a while as I don't spend long periods spinning on a spindle - I've plyed two cops worth so far. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yarn yet though!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Busy week!

I've had quite a productive week this week, getting some patterns on the site and sorting out photos. I had a delivery from King Cole the other day and checked stock of the Bamboo Cotton and added a few colours to the site that hadn't yet been uploaded. There are now patterns on the site for the King Cole Riot, although most King Cole DK yarns can be used for these patterns. King Cole patterns are double-sided, giving different options for garments - the pictures from the back of the patterns are at the botton of the page for each pattern, and a larger photo can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail. I am gradually working through the patterns, but it takes ages!

I am now stocking King Cole Comfort DK as a good value baby yarn as a replacement for Wendy Bambino which has been discontinued. I loved the Bambino, but the Comfort is a good alternative. I'll get the Comfort on the site as soon as I can.

I've also had a delivery of Manos yarns since last week - I have a few colours of the Silk blend and one of the Lace not on the site yet, so again, I'll get those up as soon as possible.

Current Projects
I haven't had a huge amount of time to knit at home recently so little progress this week!

Home: Long Jacket - I still haven't sewn up the sleeves, but I should have time to do in on Monday - last Monday ended up very busy and I didn't do much of anything!
Bamboo jumper - I've done a few more rows on this, but it'll take a while. I still need to get a photograph done!

Shop: Multnomah - I've been working so much on my computer, I've not done a lot of knitting - I've done a couple more pattern repeats of the feather and fan though - it's gorgeous!

Sock: This has had most of my knitting time recently. I got past the heel and then decided that to get the best chance of the 'flying saucers' pattern on the foot, I should do the length suggested on the instructions :oS , so I ripped it back and did some more knitting on the leg before doing the heel. I'm now not far from the toe decreasing, although I needed a break from it and haven't picked it up for a few days.

Spinning: This is what has been taking most of my time at home! My wheel has been calling and I've spent the last couple of evenings watching a DVD while spinning. I intended to take a photo this morning but didn't get time. I'll add one later :o)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Well it sort of worked......

I've not quite managed to post overy Friday so far, but at least it's not been months! Last week was half term and routine went out of the window. We had a good, busy week, the kids were happy and very little work got done! The previous Friday I had a visit from a rep distributing Filatura di Crosa yarns. There are some fantastic yarns in that range - I want to build on my range of Centolavaggi lace weight and there is a gorgeous 4-ply range of pure wool which would replace the Patons Dreamtime.

Over the last few days I've been getting more products on the site - I've got some Jawoll Magic Dégradé Sock Yarn in for the first time which comes in a range of gorgeous colourways and I've also put the Jawoll Magic Stripes range on the site. I've had this in the shop for a little while but hadn't got it up.

We've also been looking at ways to improve the speed at which the site pages load - most of the problem I think it the size of the photos, so we will be gradually changing these.

The other area I am working on is patterns - I have a large stock of patterns but very few on the site - I am aiming to get a few up a week.

Current projects

I'll give an update each week on what I am working on. I tend to have projects that I keep at home and others at the shop as I was finding I was carrying some backwards and forwards without getting time to work on them!

Home: I've finished the knitting of a long jacket in Patons Jet - this is a gorgeous pattern with a big shawl collar. I need to sew the sleeves up and attach them and it's done - just in time for the warm weather! :oS Well at least I'll have it ready for the winter! I'm aiming to finish the sewing on Monday - I never feel like sewing in the evenings - that my mindless time!

Bamboo jumper - I started this before I started the Jet jacket but I stole the Knitpro tips to do the Jet one. Now I've finished that I want to get this jumper done - it's a pattern from Knit Today - one of the first magazines I bought when I really started knitting again. I'm using Sirdar bamboo and Wendy Pure in 2 row stripes - mainly because I didn't have enough of either yarn - but it's working out well.

Shop: I've had a ball of Jawoll Magic 64 Garnet in my stash for a little while and wanted to do a triangular scarf/shawl with it. I've started the Multnomah shawl and it looks fantastic - I've just started the feather and fan pattern for the bottom edge.

Sock: I usually have a sock on the go as my portable project - it's perfect for taking to school when I'm waiting for my kids! I'm making a sample pair of socks for a supplier in Flying Saucers yarn - it's an interesting one to start! I'll do a special blog post with the process when I've got a little further.

Spinning: I've a wheel both at home and the shop. At home I am working on a blend that I received in a Secret Santa swap at Christmas - it is merino, alpaca, baby camel, silk and angelica and is a mix of orange, pink, purple, white and natural brown and is spinning up really lovely. I've got my wheel set up so I can sit if I have a few minutes and do a bit - provided the kids haven't put too many toys in the way!

At the shop I have some pure merino that I bought from somebody on ravelry in a mix of blue, teal, murky green and brown - it gives the impression of the sea and I'm spinning it into long colour repeats. I'll get some photos done of both of these too :o)